About me

I've been taking photos since I can remember, and I've always been interested in emotional and mental states. Capturing emotions in pictures, imitating them using other productions. My work until 2017 was largely private experiences that I wanted to share. Since 2018 I have been dealing with the human psyche, with questions that everyone in our society should ask. We need new approaches. My art should help to find a new approach to uncomfortable topics.


2022  Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Rothamel
          Back in my Body,  Artlet Studio, Münster

          FETISH, Artet Studio, Münster

Vanitas (Latin: “empty appearance, nothingness, vanity”; also “lie, boasting, failure or futility”) stands in the Judeo-Christian conception for the transience of everything earthly.


The photographer Anna Kant declines the term in a very unique way. She photographs herself, naked or disguised, painted, with numerous props, in various, sometimes adventurous, settings.


The photos, which at first glance are erotic and extraordinarily aesthetic, reveal an impressive diary of emotional states, from euphoria to despair, on closer inspection.

For Anna Kant, the act of taking photos is performative, with the lens as the only permitted witness.


Her stagings are always elaborately prepared, but improvised in execution: she deliberately refrains from using aids such as remote triggers.

Camera, tripod and self-timer, ten seconds for the crucial pose, jump into the picture.


In addition to the planned attitude, there is always room for the spontaneous, undisguised, and abysmal. And that is what makes her pictures so extraordinarily fascinating.

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