Anna Kant photographs since her childhood. She slips into different roles until she merges with them. In the end, it`s not clear what is the truth and what fiction. She acts in front of her own camera.
The fact that she uses herself as a model creates a very complex situation. Anna has to find out which sensations and ideas in the original are the focus. In addition, the use of various technical and aesthetic instruments requires a thorough examination. She don`t use remote controls, Anna works with tripod and self-timer. After Tzack Boom Bonjour (2009), her photos become increasingly personal. Already the titles of the series - O La La (2010), Pain (2011), Initimacy (2012), Impulse, Dark Black (2013), Lust, One (2014), Love (2015) - testify to growing up, of one's own experience. Still her own nudity is Anna Kant's preferred image carrier, but the distance to the classic erotic photography is increasing. The interest in playing with the environment, with objects or decorating on her own body with various materials runs like a thread through all series of works.


Art Karlsruhe                       


 Bauchgeflüster, Galerie Panse, Erfurt


Releasparty FLUT Magazine

NOVEMBER 16 - 2019

Bauhaus.Sieben, Osterburg, Weida  



AUGUST 17 - SEPTEMBER 23 - 2018


Flut Magazine

Ausgabe 1- 2019 ( Nora Burgard)

Anorexie heute  - 2018

Waif Magazine ( Nora Burgard)

Anorexie heute - 2018

Separee No.16

Erotik ist weiblich - 2018

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