LOVE I 2015

Dear Love,

these are the last lines to you.
The book is written, the pages tied under my left rib.
The last part of my journey finally leads me to salvation, to the fire, where I need to bring my sacrifice - a piece of my heart.
Your strength was my decay. As much as I enjoyed the hour in the Garden of Earthly Delights, so much I had to suffer under the heavy onus of your burden. The wounds close slowly and the scars that have formed, tear from time to time again and let me gasp. My feelings have burned my organs. The memories of the pink, fragrant flower meadows through which I walked with you, have been covered bymisty weeks, in malodorous swamps, from icy mountains, which permitted the only downward visibility, from dark and sinister forest, where you lost yourself. It gives no hope. Only my dreams let me go back to this magical, warm and bright place, where everything war so green.
When I woke up I felt empty. My tears are my only consolation, my voice are my only weapon.

Love .... oh so bitter you can taste.


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